trashbus – The Reading

So, guys. I survived my first reading. October 24th, Sputnik Kino Berlin. Thank God a friend of mine came to visit and took care of me. I was so excited I actually fell ill the day before the reading. I had a sore throat, swollen tonsils, a runny nose and a fever that felt like it wanted to kill me. For real. So an hour before the reading was supposed to start, we went to Sputnik and prepared what had to be prepared. I ordered whisky, rakija and a glass of water for my throat. I placed everything in front of me. I thought I would shit my pants. But I didn’t. The place was packed; more than a hundred people had shown up to hear me read. That really was something. People were standing, and I was even the more nervous. But: Balls to the wall. I started to read and then it was just simply amazing. Everybody was so quiet, so attentive, people dove into the stories and I think they really enjoyed them. They even laughed a lot, and that made me happy because it is so incredibly hard to make people laugh. I read a couple of stories, then we screened my short film My Uncle’s Dog Looks Like a Werewolf, then there was a break, then I read some more and screened my other short film LIBERTAS. And then it was over, and the band started to play. I was exhausted, drunk, and very relieved.

So thanks again to Carolyn and all my friends who came to support me, to Sputnik Kino, to Jürgen for the graphic design and PR and for just being there for me the whole time, to Andrea for making it happen, to Alex for the great photos, to Julia for the beautiful flowers, to the audience for being so incredibly awesome, and of course thank you to Branko Galoić and Marko Jovanović for their great live gig!

It was my pleasure …

And here’s what it looked like – enjoy!

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    1. Hello there! As I had promised, I let you know how it went, and it went great. It truly was a rewarding experience. Thanks to you and my other readers, who are also very supportive, I somehow found the guts to go through with it!

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