Trashbus #7
Short Hellos & Long Goodbyes

Photo exhibition, reading, and film
Friday, Sept 27th, 2019 ǀ 8.00 p.m. ǀ Sputnik Kino Berlin
Admission to the reading: 5 Euro

Exhibition: Short Hellos & Long Goodbyes (Renata Britvec)
A year determined by loss in Lipnica, Bosnia and Herzegovina. While the family bids farewell to beloved animals and humans, their village disappears: Lured by the promises of the EU, some people abandon their homeland. Others die. Two lost tomcats, however, want to stay and settle in the garden.

Reading: Barefoot Across the Mountain (Anonymous/Renata Britvec/German)
A little village girl goes to a city school in 1950’s Yugoslavia and overcomes many obstacles. When her mother falls ill, she must give up on her dreams. Renata Britvec will read her German translation of this poignant contemporary document.

Film: Tito and Me (Goran Marković/Serbian with English subtitles)
Yugoslavia, 1954: Little Zoran loves food, pioneer Jasna, and Marshal Tito. When he wins a trip to Tito’s hometown, he drives the communist tour guide to desperation. A tribute to childhood and untamed life – and the last film shot before the war in Yugoslavia.