Trashbus has managed to win Coronavirus Covid-19 aka Mr. Corona for an exclusive series of interviews. German with English subtitles!

The Corona-Dialogues #1 – Mr. Corona introduces himself

In the first episode, Mr. Corona introduces himself and reveals details of his business practice.


The Corona-Dialogues #2 – Isolation and Privilege

In the second episode, Mr. Corona and Rena Lopov discuss entitled behaviour, homelessness, mental health et. al.


The Corona-Dialogues #3 – Solidarity

In the third episode, Mr. Corona explains who belongs to the risk group – and spells out solidarity for us.


The Corona-Dialogues #4 – False Solidarity?

In the fourth episode, Rena Lopov and Mr. Corona enlarge upon the topic of solidarity and discuss a universal basic income.


The Corona-Dialogues #5 – Economics

In the fifth episode, Rena Lopov and Mr. Corona discuss economics and the economics expert Mr. Mammon explains what lies ahead of us.


The Corona-Dialogues #6 – Environment

In the sixth episode, Rena Lopov and Mr. Corona discuss environmental topics – and receive a video message from Mother Nature.


The Corona-Dialogues #7 – Democracy

In the seventh episode, Rena Lopov and Mr. Corona discuss democracy – and the threat it is now facing.


The Corona-Dialogues #8 – The World After Corona

The last episode of the Corona dialogues for the time being is about the world after the corona crisis. Also, Mr. Corona reveals his first name – and the universe sends a video message.