Short Film: LIBERTAS

A narrative film by trashbus | Renata Britvec (2014)
6 min. – Short | No-budget

The ancient city of Ragusa, now called Dubrovnik, is famous for its coat of arms reading LIBERTAS. But what does libertas mean, and is really everybody in Ragusa free?

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  1. Free the turtle!! That is depressing. So close – right in that wall – freedom just beyond those ancient stones.
    But Dubrovnik – how I would love to visit Dubrovnik again. Thank you for bringing me there.


    1. Dear Tricia, oh yes. I spent a whole hour with the turtle and I don’t really know what to say. I must admit I do not have a set opinion about zoos and aquariums. On the one hand, it is unbearable to watch these animals in their too small spaces, on the other hand, we do go there, we do take our children there. The film ist just something that emerged without any judgement. It’s just what I saw and what I felt. Ah and yes Dubrovnik, it is beautiful as ever and if you ever get the chance do visit again, it’s always worth the trip 🙂


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