Short Film: “My Uncle’s Dog Looks Like a Werewolf”

This documentary is based on my short story How My Uncle Met His Dog. It is dedicated to my family and the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina, regardless of their ethnicity.

A narrative documentary by trashbus | Renata Britvec (2013)
18 min. – Documentary | Short | No-budget

Bosnia and Herzegovina: A man who has lost almost everything tries to reclaim his life and to make the best of what has been left. One day, he meets a stray dog and they become friends.

Božo Pejić, Ana Pejić, Ruža Britvec, Renata Britvec and Debeli, the dog|werewolf

“Magdalena” by The Underscore Orkestra
“Restaurant Concert, Medley” by Demiran Ćerimović and His Orkestar
“Djurdjevdan” by Zlatne Uste Balkan Brass Band
“Rumelaj” by Rozsa
“Svadbeni Čoček” by Sheqer

Thanks to:
My family!
Jürgen Fehrmann & Julia Elger of British Shorts Film Festival | Sputnik Kino Berlin

3 thoughts on “Short Film: “My Uncle’s Dog Looks Like a Werewolf”

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  1. Loved this Renata! At first poignant resolving to a happier end. Towards the end I was smiling while reading the subtitles, also saying to myself he looks like a nice werewolf dog. Thank you for sharing this.


    1. You’re welcome, Allen, and thank you for watching! I was really looking forward to hearing from you, what you’d say, and I am glad you liked it. A friend of mine who works at a Berlin cinema, which hosts open screenings and a short film festival, asked if I wanted to make this little movie after he had read the story about my uncle’s dog. So I did! And I’m glad I did it. I screened it at the open screening, and the audience was really into it. It was a very rewarding time working at the film, and the audience reactions have been great, too. I am going to submit it to a British documentary festival today, because I really would love for people to see how things go in Bosnia – especially in the light of current events – but also because I think that the film has a positive message. Thanks again for watching and sharing your thoughts!


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