New story on it’s way!

Dear friends,

in the course of this week, I will publish chapters of a new and very special story. But first let me tell you about how the story came to me:

About a year and a half ago, I asked my mother to take notes about stories she had told me when I was a child, notes about her memories, etc. so we could talk about them the next time we met. My mom is hesitant at times and told me she couldn’t remember anything, and what she remembered seemed unimportant or boring. So I let her know there is no such thing as “unimportant” or “boring”, and “please just do what I say!” (… you know …) So she did. And then again she didn’t. We met in Bosnia last summer, and my mom surprised me with the first chapter of a story. Instead of just taking notes, she really started writing. I was impressed. I never knew my mom was a writer. But she is, and a very fine one, too. I asked her to continue writing, and she gave me the full story for Christmas. She wrote the story in Croatian.

I love the story and I think it would be a waste if I didn’t share it with my readers. So I translated it into English and I will present it to you in chapters. After publishing the last chapter, I will post the full story with a special photo.

So look out for my following posts and don’t miss out on the narration of a little girl who once wished for so much and had to deal with what life gave her.



haystack © trashbus/Renata Britvec, 2014
© trashbus/Renata Britvec, 2014

Any thoughts?

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