A Cat’s Perspective on Dubrovnik

Just like the Kings of Ceredigion are seagulls and not people, cats reign supreme over Dubrovnik. Yes they are stray cats, but they do not look as beaten and starved as other stray animals, mostly dogs, in the Balkan region. They truly look and behave as if they had the absolute right to be, to be there, to occupy any place in the old town and beyond they want, no matter who else is there, no matter how many tourists there are and no matter if HBO has decided to shoot yet another sequel to the famous TV series “Game of Thrones”. Actually, I really wonder what they do with the cats while they are shooting. I haven’t noticed any cats in the series, but maybe I just wasn’t paying enough attention to them. So why do I want to show you the cats of Dubrovnik? I have made tons of other pictures, but the thing is: in their sovereignty, these cats are absolute creatures. Proud and strong and indifferent – even more than cats are anyway – and eternal. I am also convinced that you can find the most beautiful and peaceful places in Dubrovnik if you look out for the cats and follow them. They know their way around and rule the city, and every place they chose to rest at is as good as a queen’s throne. Dubrovnik is the most interesting from a cat’s point of view.

Any thoughts?

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