Back on Track

I took my trashbus on a vacation to Bosnia and Croatia and now we’re back with new stories, pictures, adventures, new thoughts and more. I visited Sarajevo and Tuzla, played with tigers and werewolves, took care of a dying cat, chased lizards and snakes, fought with my family, made up with everybody, laughed, cried, danced.

I discovered that my mother is a talented writer, translated a new play by Marijana Verhoef, wrote down some ideas for new projects, filmed hours and hours for my next short documentary, watched great Balkan movies.

I took a bus to Dubrovnik, slept all the way down there, was surprised when I woke up and everything was different and sunny and fragrant and I could smell the salt of la mar, slept in a monastery, visited old friends, said goodbye to a friend, made new friends and realized there is love in the most absurd places, fought with big waves, watched peacocks strolling in groups over the island of Lokrum, watched peacocks climbing trees, yelling, watched peacocks climbing the cliffs to have a better view of the sea, chased cats through the old town of Ragusa to make photos, went to a folklorist show that blew my mind because there was such richness of voices and beautiful dancing, went to Cavtat to be at peace, ate tons of delicious food and drank rakija and gallons of Plavac and once again found eternity.

Back in Berlin, I translated another play in three days and thought I was gonna die because my head felt like I had a concussion, but I recovered. I dove into Flamenco again, happily, energized, and showed my first short film at an Open Screening in an independent movie theatre in Berlin-Kreuzberg called Sputnik Kino, and the audience loved my backstage Flamenco documentary and I loved the audience and was happy everybody was having so much fun watching my little absurd film.

Now I am back on track and will share more stuff with you I found along the way. Enjoy!

NOT FOR SALE © trashbus/Renata Britvec, 2013
© trashbus/Renata Britvec, 2013

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