Does the wind on Mljet have a name?

This year I spent my summer in the Dubrovnik region. I went to the island Mljet, which is supposed to be Ogygia, the place where Ulysses lingered like twelve years before returning to his wife because this girl Calypso wouldn’t let him go. So I expected quite a bit but I must admit I wasn’t prepared for what really happened.

As soon as I stepped on the island and entered the thick and fragrant forests,  I felt like I was never to return home either.  Of course everything is beautiful, it’s hot and the sun is shining. But this I don’t have to tell you; you can check out pictures on the web or whatever. That certainly was not the point. The point was that the wind was weird. Or rather the sound of it.

It sounded like, well, as if it was alive. Someone or something, little creatures jumping through the treetops, enjoying themselves. Whispering, joking, laughing, teasing each other and me. I was looking around like crazy, my friend must have thought this was the end of me. Well. Of course I couldn’t find anything, but God, was I intrigued.

After I got back home I did some research and then of course found out that the sensation I experienced was normal in this region and that these winds actually have a name, they’re called fall winds. There are also some more meteorological expressions I can’t remember now.

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    1. It is, Allen! Mljet is definitely worth a trip. Not just for the winds, but also for the enchanting macchia forests, the crystal-clear water of the two seawater lakes and the quiet. Oh, how I miss the quiet!


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