The Unknown


I once visited friends in Aberystwyth, Wales. And I found this sign which to me seemed really odd. On the one hand it has these beautiful colors and it looks rather encouraging than warning, as if it was saying “DO jump into the unknown” – and, to hell with it, why not?
On the other hand of course, there are these eerie words like KILLED, SHATTERED, BROKEN. And also they’re written in this ugly, edgy font that reminds me of “Jaws”. Anyways, there is no place on earth where I have come across as many weird signs as in Wales. For example, the Welsh have signs on their terrible meandering country roads that say “old people crossing” or “suicidal people”. There’s also signs with sheep on them because there’s so many sheep and therefore many herds of sheep crossing the roads, blocking traffic sometimes for what seems to be hours. I wonder if they will come up with the sign “old sheep crossing”, the crazy Welsh guys, cause if it was old sheep it could take even longer.

Any thoughts?

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