Summer is a Ghost from the Past

Trashbus #6
Summer is a Ghost from the Past

Friday, Sept 28th, 2018 ǀ 8.00 p.m. ǀ Sputnik Kino Berlin
Admission free, donations welcome!

Photo exhibition: Summer is a Ghost from the Past (Renata Britvec)
Film screening: Do (Not) Vacation (Renata Britvec/OV EN)
Concert: Johnny Zabala (Blues/Garage/R ’n’ R)

With the arrival of autumn at the latest, the longing for summer kicks in. With the spontaneous shots of her series “Summer is a Ghost from the Past”, taken over a period of several years, artist Renata Britvec is in search of what gets lost with the end of each summer. In her short film “Do (Not) Vacation”, she focuses on an essential element of summer: vacation time. Britvec reflects our relationship with this ambivalent topic and dares to create a hypothetical manual.
Berlin guitar legend Johnny Zabala will accompany the evening playing his incredible mixture of Oldschool and Delta Blues with influences from Neil Young to Nick Cave. 100 % Blues!



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