Ship ahoy!

I wish all of you a happy new year! Stay safe, sane and healthy. We’re embarking on a new journey. We’ll cross borders, broaden our minds, experience joy and pain and boredom, we’ll get to know ourselves better, make new friends, say goodbye to old ones, fall in love, struggle, survive, argue, travel, work, discover remarkable places, find paths we weren’t aware of before, we’ll be scared, we’ll overcome our fear, we’ll find weird people and still like them, we’ll notice we are weird, we will look upon ourselves with doubt and then love, we’ll challenge ourselves and our fellow travelers, try new things, try everything we want. We’ll have a good time. Maybe we’ll invent something that will change the world. No matter what you do, don’t forget to breathe. But first enjoy the photos of the boats – the boat shall be the symbol of our journey through 2014!

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